Faux Painting Service Washington DC

If you are looking for faux painting Washington DC then we are a right choice for you. Faux painting is a creative concept in which painting process mimics stone, wood or marble texture by using different kinds of techniques, color combination and translucent glazes. Our faux painting is simple, unique and exceptional. We offer a wide range of faux finishes and for our every project we ensure to do required preparation. Whether you are looking for interior/exterior painting services or faux painting we strive hard catering to your every painting need. We specialize in different types of finishes by using high quality paints and tools. Our every job is carried out by professional painters. We use sponges, rags, brushes, rollers and other quality of textured material to give a perfect faux finish.

During the process, our professionals make sure to keep a direct communication, keeping you informed on the progress. At APC Painting we can help you with creative ideas in your faux painting projects. The Faux finishes carried out by us not just change the look of your place, but can also add pattern and texture for a unique look. If you are looking for faux painting services, then we are your perfect destination. Call us now and request quote!